Megève – Combloux

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June 28 to 30, 2024


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A fully-fledged adventure

Want to take part? Don't feel like pedaling? Become a volunteer!

Year after year, the MB Race continue to grow, celebrating its 15th edition from June 28 to 30! The success of the event would not be the same without the invaluable help of numerous volunteers. Once again this year, we need your commitment, your support, your enthusiasm and your kindness to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. We are counting on your presence, whether for 2 hours or the whole weekend!

Take a few minutes to discover the different volunteer positions and find the one that’s right for you! Patrick, Head of Volunteers, and the other committee heads will be happy to answer all your questions and welcome you to the MB Race volunteer family.

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A unique year ...

We need your help for the UCI Enduro and e-enduro world cup !

As you can see, this year we’re hosting 3 Whoop UCI MTB World Series stages !

The UCI Enduro and e-Enduro World Cup will be held in Combloux. For these steps, we need your help. So if you’d like to volunteer on one of these World Cup stages, fill in this form !

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This is the position where we need the most people! You'll be in close contact with the participants, showing them the way and ensuring their safety. A key role in the smooth running of the races. We need people from the morning of Saturday June 28 to the late afternoon of Sunday June 30.


Several villages will come alive over the weekend of the event. Megève in particular will be the scene of the MB Race! We'll need volunteers on site for a variety of tasks: setting up and managing the villages and events, setting up and clearing down, transporting equipment...


Do you know the area well? Do you enjoy riding your quad? If you're just the person we need to transport our teams of journalists, photographers and video production team, don't hesitate to join Gilles' team!


We will need your enthusiasm and kindness to welcome participants and visitors to Megeve and Combloux. In close contact with the public, Thibaut, our registration manager, will need volunteers for the race numbers collect and the registration for the various events.


Would you like to give us a hand? Doctors, nurses and first-aiders, we need you to ensure the safety of our runners throughout the weekend, whether in the countryside or in the villages.


Come and help Morgane on the MB Draisienne and Ophélie on the MB Kids to organize these two children's races. We will need volunteers to set up these little races and ensure their smooth running, as well as the safety of our little champions!


Valérie and Sandrine will need several teams along the various race routes to provide food and drink to participants. This job involves collecting, setting up, managing and running the refreshment stands during the event, in the mountains or in the villages.


We will need motorbikers to open and close races all weekend long! We'll also need your help before the races to prepare the courses and mark them out so that participants can follow them during the race. Once the races are over, it is time to clear away any traces of our presence.


The MB Enduro team will need a lot of people to make this event run! This race format requires the presence of volunteers, ready to go into the mountains. You'll experience this spectacular competition at the same pace as the riders. We need signallers to guide the riders, starters, openers and closers, but also people upstream to prepare the trails and ensure the riders' safety.

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