MB Ultra Somfy | 70 – 100 – 140 km

Saturday, 2nd July, 2022
UCI  MTB XCM Class 1

MB Ultra Somfy, the MB Race’s flagship race!

The race is well known as the toughest MTB marathon race in one day. This year, the MB Ultra Somfy will be UCI MTB XCM Class 1 round. The MB Ultra Somfy is a real challenge against yourself to achieve the goal of becoming an MB Finisher! After a joint start from Megève, this unique concept race will give you the choice, in time, between 3 distances: 70 km & 3500 m E+, 100 km & 5000 m E+ and 140 km & 7000 m E+. Stop or continue to the ultimate objective? Whatever the distance covered, the MB Ultra Somfy’s trails will bring you on an exceptional setting facing the Mont-Blanc.


Date : Saturday, 1rst July  2022

Start: Megève at 6:00 am
70 km Finish : Megève
100 km Finish : Combloux
140 km Finish : Megève

Real distances – 70,7 km I 102,4 km I 143,5 km

Friday, 1rst July from  2 pm to 10:30 pm at the Palais des Sports in Megève

Friday, 1rst July at 06:00 pm front of the podium in the MB Race exhibitors village in Megève

€ 75 – Within the limit of the available places


Each participant must present to the organizer a medical certificate of no-contraindication to the practice of MTB in competition from less than a year before the race day or its 2021 license.

  • Read & download the race regulation – here
  • Read & download the obligation of participants relative to the medical certificatehere

Age at 31st December, 2022

ESPOIRS (H & F) I 19 to 22 I 2000 à 2003
SENIORS (H & F) I 23 to 29 I 1993 à 1999
MASTER I (H & F) I 30 to 39 I 1983 à 1992
MASTER II (H & F) I 40 to 49 I 1973 à 1982
MASTER III (H & F) I 50 and more I 1972 and before
TANDEMS I 19 and more I 2003 and before
ELITES UCI Dames I 19 and more I 2003 and before
ELITES UCI Hommes I 19 ans and more I 2003 and more

  • Participation fees
  • The electronic chip allowing the calculation and the display of your race time –  all data of your race evolution and time on www.mbrace.livetrail.net
  • Race follow via the LiveInfo app
  • Refreshing points along the race – until 12 for the 140 km
  • A medal for the 140 km FInishers
  • A suprise gift for the 140 km Finishers
  • A welcome pack with event program and sponsors goodies
  • A MB Race Finisher T-shirt
  • A free picture
  • An after-race meal
  • Free access to animations

For security reasons, each participant taking part to the MB Ultra Somfy must have with him the following equipments on the entire course:

  • A survival cover,
  • A mobile phone, with charged battery
  • The frame number plate indicating the emergency numbers (provided by the organisation)
  • Repair equipment,
  • Drinks
  • Food reserve
  • Lighting kit for the participants engaging on the 140 km