MB Tracks

The Mont Blanc region, land of mountain biking!

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In the footsteps of the mb race

Year-round trails to ride in the tracks of the MB Race

Since 2018, the MB Race has teamed up with communes in the Pays du Mont Blanc area to label mountain bike trails: MB Tracks.

These trails, which have become mythical and unmissable in the context of the race, are now accessible to as many people as possible outside the event. The aim is to help you discover the MB Race playground and promote this exceptional region.

Now everyone can experience the MB Race at their own pace, on a mountain bike or on an e-bike !

Download GPX tracks from our MB Tracks thanks to Uttagawa VTT! Specific markers have also been added, you will have to follow the MB Race logo.


Distance : 15,1 km
Ascent : 760 m D+ (gradient)


Distance : 18,1 km
Ascent : 1050 m D+ (climb)


Distance : 11,8 km
Ascent : 680 m D+ (gradient)


Distance : 13 km
Ascent : 650 m D+ (gradient)

Praz sur Arly #2

Distance : 22 km
Ascent : 1040 m D+ (gradient)