The MB RACE CULTURE VÉLO started in 2010. This mountain bike race, held in the magnificent Portes du Mont-Blanc region (Combloux, Megève, La Giettaz, Cordon, Sallanches), is as challenging as it is awe-inspiring. It is the longest one-day event in the mountain biking world – 140 km with 7000 metres of elevation gain. In 2010, only one competitor out of 600 starters finished the race, earning it the title of the world’s most difficult race. Going from its success in 2015, the event has established itself as a major event both for the region and for the international mountain biking world.

In 2016, the race will kick off on 1,2 & 3 July in Megève. The race become World Cup UCI Marathon Series. Combloux will also be in the spotlight as the secondary village. These two village resorts take turns hosting the event every second year.

•    5th largest French Mountain Biking Event
•    2027 participants
•    137 finishers in 2014
•    7,000 spectators
•    32 exhibitors
•    400 volunteers
•    101 partners
•    27 countries represented

1- MB ultra 70 > 100 > 140 km : World Cup UCI Marathons Series

uci mb race culture veloHere is our top pick of the event. An extraordinary setting and a challenge for yourself: be a finisher! The race is divided into three stages: 70km (3500m elevation gain) / 100km (5000m elevation gain) / 140km (7000m elevation gain).

MB ultra-marathon highlights:

  • Saturday July 2th, 2016Megève at 6:00 am
  • Cumulative elevation : 70 Km – 3500 mD+ > 100 Km – 4800 mD+ > 140 km – 7000 mD+
  • Entry fees: €58
  • Where to support the riders: Combloux – Cordon – La Giettaz – Megève

 e-bike MB ultra 70 >100>140 km : electric bike / 58 €


2- MB classic 30 > 50 km

The principle is the same as for the ultramarathon. You can choose your distance during the race. This is a cross-country race with two choices of distance: 30km (1000m elevation gain) / 50km (2500m elevation gain). Only riders aged more than 17 can attend this race.

MB classic highlights:

  • Sunday July 3th, 2016 – Combloux at 9:00 am
  • Cumulative elevation : 29 Km – 1387 mD+ / 50,5 Km – 2374 mD+
  • Entry fees: € 40

 e-bike MB classic 30 > 50 km : electric bike / 40 €


3- MB cadet

This is a cross-country race : 15km (600m elevation gain)  Only riders aged than 15 and 16 can attend this race.

MB classic highlights:

  • Sunday July 3th, 2016 – Megève at 10:00 am
  • Cumulative elevation : 20 Km – 750 mD+
  • Entry fees: € 15


4- MB enduro 6 timed sections – Julbo session

This is a fast-growing discipline combining endurance, control and speed. The MBenduro race is made up of 6 timed sections and 5 connections (with the possibility of adding a special urban event). Riders start individually to get a better finishing time. The proposed routes are unique to the Portes du Mont-Blanc region. Single track, techniques, banked turns and fast sections await you in a friendly atmosphere. Only riders aged more than 15 can attend this race.

MB enduro highlights:

  • Sunday July 3th, 2016 – Megève – Portes du Mont-Blanc Mountain Bike Area at 8:00 am
  • Cumulative elevation : 2,800m, mainly liaison stages (liaisons) mostly using cable cars
  • The specials : six specials in the mountain-bike area of the Portes du Mont-Blanc will allow riders to fight to the finish. The fastest at the end of all the specials will be the 2015 champion.
  • Entry fees : € 45


5- Mini BIKE

This is a 1-2km short track right in the centre of town. Riders compete on various terrains including bridges, steps, stairs and narrow streets. Qualifying rounds are run against the clock. The 4 best mountain bikers will meet in the finals to race against one another simultaneously. The best two riders from each heat will move on to the next round until we get down to the final four. Only riders aged more than 16 can attend this race.

MB Street highlights:

  • Saturday July 2th, 2016 -Megève at 19:00 pm
  • Entry fees : € 2. Possibility to obtain a registeration at the Race Village.


6- MB kids

The MBkids race is open to children aged 7 to 14 and is totally kid-friendly. There is a qualifying round and then the best riders from each category will come together in the finals. There will also be some special entertainment including a play circuit, a manoeuvring activity, a mini-race, a trial initiation and unicycling. It is all supervised by professionals.

MB Kids highlights:

  • Saturday July  2th, 2016 – Combloux at 10:00 am
  • 7 > 14 years old
  • Entry fees: € 5. Possibility to obtain a registeration at the Race Village.



The MB Race Culture Vélo is open to all-terrain wheelchairs (FTT). In teams of two (one mountain biker and one wheelchair biker) will battle it out on the slopes of the Portes du Mont-Blanc. There will be four special events on the program, including two timed events. Good times guaranteed! We aim to make MB FTT its own event and to promote wheelchair biking in the Mont-Blanc region.

MB FTT highlights:

  • Sunday July 3th, 2016 -Megève at 8:00 am
  • Registrations : Contact :

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